Intelligent phone sex-Ashlee-866-605-2544
phone sex Ashlee- Your Only Desire- 866-605-2544

Phone sex- Ashlee 866-605-2544

Were you expecting a free voice sample? Sorry babe. You get the eye candy just for visiting, but what comes out of my mouth requires a bit more. My pictures are enough to turn you on, but my voice does more, a lot more.

I’m not the only hot phone sex operator on the net. I am, however, the only one who can quickly invade your mind and take over your cock. My voice will do to you what a lap dancer does at a strip club: grind on your erection until you’re ready to do anything to prolong the ecstasy.

Simply put, I have the hottest voice you could ever want to hear when you need to cum

It takes a lot of confidence to make this claim. I have to produce the result. But that’s like challenging the buxom girl you ogle every day at the office to see if she can give you a hard-on by taking off her blouse and groping you. Bring on the challenge. My voice will win it.


Intrigued?  Find out for yourself if I have a voice that can change your life. Hearing is believing.

The ball is in your court.

Your only desire,

Ashlee 866-605-2544

I’m Naughty Ashlee and I’m ready to be fucked! 866-605-2544
Call Ashlee at 866-605-2544

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Naughty Ashlee is ready to be fucked- 866-605-2544

While most people construe sex as a weekend luxury, I see climaxing as a daily necessity.
A call with me is not only affordable, but it is a ridiculously fun alternative to stopping by the bar before returning home to the vultures!

Surprising me with a gift from my wish list lets me know you’ve been thinking about me and nothing would please me more!

Call Ashlee and hear what you’ve been missing-866-605-2544

Call me and hear what you’ve been missing.

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If you have an inquiry or need to schedule a call, kindly send me an email. I reply to all legitimate emails promptly.

Billing Information

There is a 10 minute minimum on all calls, domestic (USA) and international (Canada & all other countries). Domestic calls are $3.00 per min- INTL calls are $3.50 per min- Never a processing fee and always toll free! All Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Gift Cards (Visa/MC/Amex/Discover) Accepted. Payment Accepted by Phone only. Your charge will be discreetly billed and appear as GA

Refund policy - If you’re not completely satisfied, buy more minutes!

Simply put, when you purchase a call with me the following will ensue: you will bask in the feeling of pure ecstasy the moment my voice begins to dwell in your ear. You will revel in my mind and be astounded by my skill set. All of these senses will culminate into the most volcanic orgasm that you have ever had. I am a cut above. I turn the mundane fantasy into a scintillating soiree! I’m a natural born seductress and you’ll never know unless you have me at least once!

So stop deliberating, pick up the phone and allow me to dish up the infinite pleasures that cum when you do a phone sex call with the woman that…

No man calls only once

Phone sex Ashlee will get you off hard and fast! 866-605-2544

My Wishlist

Surprising me with a gift from my wish list lets me know you’ve been thinking about me and nothing would please me more.

error: My hips are yours to handle, my pussy is your cock\'s honey-hole. I might let you have this picture too, if you ask for it the next time I make you cum!