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Our time on the phone is precious and I love that it’s all about you. But there’s something you can do for me that means more than you probably realize.

Please take a moment and leave a comment below expressing how you feel about me and our call. What was it that inspired you to dial my number? Did I hit your triggers and deliver what you were seeking? Pick up the phone and tell me. But after our time together, share your thoughts with me.

Reading your comments excites me, encourages me, and makes me feel special. Most importantly, it draws you nearer and dearer to my heart and I know thatโ€™s where you long to be.

I welcome your feedback and endeavor to be the very best I can for you.

Your only desire,
Ashlee 866-605-2544

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90 entries.
Kevin Kennedy wrote on September 16, 2018:
Ashlee has a beautiful and mystifying arc to her voice. She will draw you in quickly. Be prepare to fall fast for this girl.
Andy wrote on September 7, 2018:
Ashlee makes me feel amazing. She truly cares about making you feel wonderful. Your satisfaction is her goal. She the best, you really can't call once.
Jeff wrote on August 26, 2018:
Be ready gentlemen. A phone call with Ashlee is mind-blowing to say the least. Hottest voice I've ever heard!
Andy wrote on August 24, 2018:
Best orgasm of my life, including 15 years of sex!
Darrel wrote on August 21, 2018:
Ashlee, the more that I talk to you, the more that I crave you. I guess that explains why I find myself needing to call you all the time. Rhetorical statement aside, I love your voice! You are so passionate about what you do. I hope, for my sake, at least, you never retire! Cheers, Darrel
D wrote on August 17, 2018:
I called Ashlee last night and itโ€™s a call Iโ€™ll never forget... Sheโ€™s truly a wonderful women and sexy doesnโ€™t get close to describing her... Sheโ€™s a dream come true !! Canโ€™t wait to hear her velvety voice again as she takes me on another amazing journey !!
MS wrote on August 10, 2018:
I've called Ashlee many times in the last 6 months or so after discovering her site - I had a difficult time reaching her the first time as I live on the east coast and have a very hectic lifestyle but thankfully we were finally able to connect. The rest is history as they say. I've never met such an amazing woman in my life and I've done it all at least twice....just open up to her and give her a hint of what makes you tick and she'll handle the rest. The last call I did with her is always the best call. She learns a little more about you with each call (if you let her) and she will amp it up on the next call. She never disappoints and can talk about anything and everything! You'll be thinking about her more than you can imagine. Call her and understand for yourself. Then spoil her, treat her respectfully and she'll blow your mind each and every time....even if you just wanna shoot the bull!
Del wrote on August 10, 2018:
Been a long time customer โ€“ there is no better โ€“ sweeter โ€“ nastier โ€“ sexier โ€“ just the complete package. Hottest voice, highly intelligent and creative. Perfect in every way.โค๏ธ Del
Glen Curry wrote on August 9, 2018:
My dear Ashlee, You are erotically spellbinding. At first you opened my eyes and then my ears and finally, my heart. I am so delighted to have found you and your fabulous site. Thank you my dear for the best chat Iโ€™ve ever had. Gentlemen- prepare to fall hard for this young lady!! Until the next time โค๏ธ GC
Mikey wrote on July 24, 2018:
I cannot believe how wonderful and special you are. Every encounter is over the top satisfying and you are just a great person which makes every experience that much better. You have the most delicious laugh and that SEXY voice of yours gets me rock hard just thinking about it. Thanks for being exactly what every man needs. MK
Travis Miller wrote on July 21, 2018:
Ashlee wow! I've never been blown away like I was tonight! You are incredible in every way from you silky voice to your super sweet personality!! This was my first call but it certainly wont be my last for sure. I can see why I have to scroll down so far to leave this comment. You are a super cool chick and I look forward to more time with you soon.
Andrew wrote on July 11, 2018:
I would love for you to suck my dick all night long. You take my breath away Ashlee.
jon wrote on July 2, 2018:
Just can"t wait to be alone again so I can call you . You sound so amazing you are all I think about. You completely mystify me. JJ
Ricardi wrote on June 21, 2018:
๐Ÿ˜ There is no other woman that leaves me thinking about them long after I've cum, but you do!!! Ashlee, what is it about you? Your voice, your laugh, your ability to get me off so hard? I want to call you every day. I think you are so good at what you do- I'm in love already.
Fred wrote on June 19, 2018:
You sure do look PERFECT. I think I am falling for you Ashlee.

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