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Hello, I hope you are enjoying looking at my sexy photos as much as I enjoyed posing for them. This is not the place for modesty and I know how turned on you are right now.  I’m sure your cock is rock hard and throbbing in anticipation, and I’m ready to give you the best phone sex of your life!

I just love the way your cock swells up under my spell, as if it answers to me (because it does). Imagine my eager tongue licking the swollen head of your cock, my wet lips wrapped around it as you pull my hair back and I take you deep into my wanting mouth. Tough question, do you want your hard cock to shoot hot cum down my throat or would you prefer to hold out for my tight pussy?

You can stare at my pictures wondering all you like, but I hope that you’ll save what’s percolating in your heavy balls for me! I crave your salty sweet cum in my mouth, dripping down my face, spilling over and between my breasts, and filling my pussy and ass!  I will blow your mind and leave you begging for more. Call me. I’m ready to show you exactly how naughty Ashlee can be!

Stop lusting, it’s time for thrusting- Ashlee 866-605-2544

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Self-awareness and vanity run a thin line. Am I supposed to look in the mirror and try to convince myself that I’m average? I prefer to embrace the truth.

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  • An Ashlee enthusiast on A Surprising Confession: “Your beauty is breathtaking and your blog is sensational. I'm working up the courage to call you.

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There is a 10 minute minimum on all calls, domestic (USA) and international (Canada & all other countries). Domestic calls are $2.50 per min- INTNL calls are $3.00 per min. Never a processing fee and always toll free! All Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Gift Cards (Visa/MC/Amex/Discover) Accepted. Payment Accepted by Phone only. Your charge will be discreetly billed and appear as GA

Refund policy - If you’re not completely satisfied, buy more minutes! Simply put, it cost you a mere $25.00 for the following: you will bask in the feeling of pure ecstasy the moment my voice begins to dwell in your ear. You will revel in my mind and be astounded by my skill set. All of these senses will culminate into the most volcanic orgasm that you have ever had. I am a cut above. I turn the mundane fantasy into a scintillating soiree! I’m a natural born seductress and you’ll never know unless you have me at least once!

So stop deliberating, pick up the phone and allow me to dish up the infinite pleasures that cum when you do a phone sex call with the woman that…

No man calls only once

Phone sex Ashlee will get you off hard and fast! 866-605-2544

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Surprising me with a gift from my wish list lets me know you’ve been thinking about me and nothing would please me more.

error: My hips are yours to handle, my pussy is your cock\'s honey-hole. I might let you have this picture too, if you ask for it the next time I make you cum!