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What These Tits Can Do

Sometimes I purposely wear tops at least one size too small. With some blouses not revealing even the slightest bit of cleavage, many men are disappointed without a peek at some skin. However, with small, tight-fitting attire, my tits are in a way naked. You can see the full shape of both of my luscious melons. Their roundness is more distinct than when I wear blouses that extenuate my cleavage.

When I was in my late teens, I was known for concealing my assets while at school, but while at parties, I’d get a little tipsy and let the puppies out to play. When everyone knew about a big party coming up for the weekend, how much I showed off would become the main event. One time, on the eve of OMG-did-you-see-what-Ashlee-is-wearing Day, I strutted around with no bra. The boys didn’t even pretend not to stare. I sought every opportunity to clap my hands or jump a little; anything to make my boobs bounce. When I did, everything went quiet, mouths fell open, drool would drip, and there was not a soft cock within sight of me.

However, I’ve matured and I’d probably do things a bit differently if we went to a party today. I envision you wondering about my tits practically on a silver platter for everyone’s viewing pleasure, with horny men and alcohol flowing, it could lead to a problem. That’s why you take a little bit of comfort when I answer my door sporting a loose fluffy sweater.

While at the party, several guys look me up and down. You enjoy the disappointment on their faces when they see that there’s nothing to see, at least nothing obvious. As the night grows late, we’ve been dancing and we’re both feeling a bit of a buzz. I begin to loosen up and decide to take off my sweater. It’s pretty hot inside with all those bodies anyway. Underneath, I’m wearing a tight white camisole and bra. Suddenly, I’m garnering attention from all throughout the room, and more guys start streaming in like cattle. You take in a nice, long stare, look down while shaking your head at me, and realize that you need to get me out of there.

“I wish you hadn’t done that,” you say in the car on the way back to your place. I could tell that you didn’t like being taken by surprise like that. You had let your guard down and suddenly, like a slap in the face, you needed to be on full alert again. Not wanting to sour the night, I cuddle up to you and begin massaging your cock through your pants. After a few minutes, you almost wish I’d stop because you want nothing more than to take it out. Finally, the Uber driver pulls up to your house. You get out of the car as quickly as possible, struggling to hide the erection in your pants, and we practically sprint inside.

“I can’t make it to the bedroom babe,” I say. “Take your pants off right here, in the living room while I make us a drink.” When I return with our drinks, I seat you on the couch and pull off my camisole, then fall to my knees. You reach down to cup both of my breasts before my bra is even off. Suddenly, you grab the underwire and rip it off, over my head. I tickle your balls and coyly say “I think I know what you need.”

I take a sip of my drink, purposely sucking a couple of ice cubes into my mouth. I grab ahold of your cock and moisten your entire erection with my mouth. A moan escapes your mouth as you feel the cold sensation on your throbbing head. Pressing my beautiful tits together, I lay your rigid cock right between them. They envelope your hot, erect muscle and I let a cold mixture of saliva and water leak from my mouth to lubricate you. I make you feel like the king of the world. Here you are, sitting on your throne; with the hottest piece of ass you’ve ever seen. I’m on my knees and my gorgeous tits are giving you the ultimate pleasure. I concentrate my hands on providing the cushion your cock needs as it fucks my chest. “Fuck these tits, baby, they’re your tits, all yours. Give me that sweet-tasting cum, I need it!” Almost instantaneously, a hot stream of cum hits my lips and chin. It’s a climax unlike you’ve ever experienced.

I lick my lips, tasting the sticky, hot mess you’ve left on my face. I look at you and smile, “Isn’t it amazing what these tits can do?!”

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Me vs. Your Wife – Part 4 of 4

Your cock is as hard as it has ever been. It’s in my hand and lathered up with the lube. I’ve been stroking it for several minutes now. I already made you cum tonight with the best blow job in the history of sucking cock (remember part 2?). I slipped your wife a mickey over dinner to ensure we could have this torrid episode together. Now I want more.

Zach, the insanely muscular brute that was disrespectfully eye-fucking your wife right in front of you outside of the restaurant where I served the two of you (see Part 1 of this series), had just entered your house at my summons. With you turned on to epic proportions, I just told you that I wanted your blessing for him to help himself to ravishing your wife. I’ve had this in mind for some time now. It’s not that I want to turn you into a cuckold; rather it’s that I want you to fully embrace surrendering to me. I want you to give me your wife. You already offered up her jewelry to me, jewelry is not enough. I want to see her pussy filled with cum as a symbol of your devotion to me. It’s decision time.

“Yes, you heard me correctly,” I say to you. Turning to the brute, “Zach, please pull down your pants. I want my boyfriend here to see your cock.” He does as he’s told (all men do when it’s me giving the orders). It’s long, thick, and impressively erect. As he stands at attention awaiting further instructions, I return my focus to you. “Babe, she’s drugged and loopy to the point that she won’t resist. She won’t feel any terror, but she will know what’s happening to her. She will never know that you gave your approval for him to enter her. She won’t feel the slightest bit of pain. Perhaps best of all, she won’t have any memory of it, but to repeat, she will know that she’s being fucked. Believe me, Zach has an amazing cock and he knows just how to use it, he did learn from the best.”

Your body is tense; your cock is pulsating with each heartbeat as it pounds in your chest. I’m rubbing it up and down without pause, your inevitable orgasm pushing you to make a quick decision. “Give in my love. Let him fuck your wife.”

Your lips can’t find words. “Babe, I’m going to take my hand off your cock in another moment if I don’t hear what I want. You need to say just one word, but you have to actually say it out loud. “Just say yes.”

“Yes. Yes, Ashlee.”
“Good boy. Good boy” I say as I pat you on the head (the other head) with my free hand. “Zach, do as you wish. I want to hear her panties being ripped from her hips,” I order. He marches away towards his reward.

I continue to gently rub your cock. I’m not quite ready to make you cum yet. A few moments later, Zach is back in the room, your wife is slung over his muscular shoulder, her torn panties gripped in his teeth. “I thought we could watch as it happens.” You have no will anymore, no ability to protest. I’ve twisted you into capitulation. All you want is to please me and cum. “I’ll make it last longer this way.”

Zach lays her face up on the floor just in front of us. Her eyes are open, but she’s only looking at him. I was right; she’s not feeling even the slightest bit of terror. Zach spreads her legs open and gets on his knees, ready to penetrate her. He looks up at me and I give the nod. Suddenly we hear a whimpering, “No…don’t” from your wife. I kiss your neck and suck on your ear lobe to soothe you. Your eyes are fixated on Zach as he spits on her pussy lips and pushes his massive man meat inside of her. Zach lets out a loud moan. “The old bitch’s pussy must be tight from not letting you fuck her,” I tell you with a grin. Your wife lays there, head turned with her eyes closed, resigned to being his receptacle as she’s pounded. “Just think… she might even be enjoying it.”

“How are you doing babe?” I ask. “I love you, Ashlee. Thank you for doing this to me. “You’re welcome baby; you’re being such a good, boy. I’m going to make you cum soon.” I begin to stroke a bit harder, carefully trying to synchronize your ejaculation with the ripped muscle man fucking your wife. You can’t take your eyes off what’s transpiring before you! “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? You like seeing someone take her pussy. It’s been locked up like Fort Knox for so long, at least from you. This feels like a bit of revenge, doesn’t it?”

Then, the ultimate sensation rips through your body as you and I both see your wife raise her hands to grab Zach’s ass and dig into it with her nails. She’s completely given herself to him. She doesn’t like what is happening, she’s not consenting. She is however, acquiescing, it feels too damn good. She recognizes that Zach is her master. She throws back her head; her mouth is open as she is gasping for air. She’s aware that a slave’s job is to please her master. She knows her place and so do you. I sense Zach is seconds away from erupting, so I quicken my pace on your cock. The timing is perfect as he stretches into her, filling her pussy with his hot seed. Your cock explodes with a forceful stream into the air. A giant load of your cum lands on your wife’s face, dripping into both her eyes and streaming to her mouth. She slowly shakes her head side to side as she tastes her lips with a lick of her hungry tongue.

I fall into your couch, lay back, glance at the ring that is now adorning my finger, close my eyes and relish the thought of victory. “You are mine. You are both mine, my property. I own you.”

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Me vs. Your Wife – Part 3 of 4

After making your cock explode in my mouth with a mind-numbing blow job, I get up from my knees and leave you in your seat to revel in my having drained your balls once again. I go to your liquor cabinet to mix myself a martini. “That’s my wife’s favorite vodka and that is our last bottle of it!” “So, you think I give a fuck?” You stutter a bit with your sullen reply, “I..I..I just don’t want to hear crap from her.” I roll my eyes and pop an olive in my mouth before I shake my drink. “I just gave you the best head of your life. Don’t be petty. What’s hers is mine; I’ve told you that before.”

You digest this for a moment, remembering that I promised to make you cum twice tonight (see last week’s blog). Had I asked you if I could have a cocktail before making you cum, you wouldn’t have hesitated, wife be damned. If I pulled your cock out of my mouth when I had you in the throes of ecstasy, you would have volunteered to pull the wedding ring off of her finger and given it to me if you thought I wanted it. Now that you’ve cum, your mind’s knee jerk reaction is to protect HER. This won’t do, not one bit.

Seeing the consternation on your face, and realizing that you’ve relented, I let it go for now. “Come on babe, have a drink with me.” I bring you a glass and situate myself next to you on the sofa. We cuddle for a bit, and engage in mindless small talk for a while. You turn on the television and we begin enjoying a movie together.

About an hour into the movie, the scene turns hot, with a girl showing off her goods to a man that she’s trying to seduce. He doesn’t fall for it, rebuffing her advances. “You’d never be able to do that to me, babe,” I assert. You nod in agreement. “As a matter of fact, this is a good time to put the movie on pause and segue towards what I’ve been planning for some time.”

I order you to take your pants off and suddenly they’re on the floor in record time. From my bag, I pull a small bottle of lube, pour a generous amount in my hand, and moisten up your raging hard cock. Just my sitting next to you on the couch, stroking my nails over the tip through your pants was driving you crazy. You rebooted quickly and were ready for round two. I stroke you gently with both hands, frequently leaning in to kiss the tip. My magical hands and lips have you dripping pre-cum within seconds. You throw your head back and let out a moan.

Just when I think you are close to exploding, I hit you with my plan. I stand up, kiss your neck several times, gently sucking on your ear lobe, and whisper, “honey, I want something from you, something that’s extremely important to me and would show me how devoted you are to me.”

“What?” You open your eyes and stare into mine as you breathe aloud. “I want you to hand over your wife.” You are startled, your cock quivers a little. I can tell you’re nervous despite how worked up I’ve made you. “What do you mean? Do you want to go shopping in her jewelry box?” I lock eyes with you. “I actually hadn’t considered that, but the thought is a pleasant one. However, your offer isn’t really where I was going with this.” I can see the fear and uncertainly on your face, but you reply, “Well, if that’s what you’d like to do, I’m powerless to say no.”

“I know babe, I know. Thank you for that. Perhaps just before I leave I’ll help myself to something I can wear a few times before selling it.” Your heart is pounding out of your chest. Your cock, still hard and throbbing with the rapid pace of your heart is happily nestled within my warm, massaging hand. I apply more lube and play with it a bit more, leaving you on the edge of your seat, anxious to know what I want. “That’s enough for now.” I relinquish control of your cock, grab your pants from the floor, and wipe my hands so I can reach into my bag. I search around inside a bit and finally find my phone. You’re almost completely appalled to watch me ignore you and send a text message to someone.

“What’s going on? What are you doing? Ashlee!”

There’s a knock at the door and I send another text. You hear the sound of the door opening, and then shut. The footsteps get louder, until the muscular brute who was staring at your wife outside the restaurant earlier is looking at you face to face. “Meet Zach. I want your blessing for him to ingratiate himself onto and into your wife.”

To be continued…

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