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I'll give you fever...It’s that special time of year, when the golden poppies can be seen dancing in the gentle spring wind. Everything (including me!) is in full bloom. It’s that time when layers of cozy winter clothes begin to come off, and the windows can be opened once again to feel the fresh dewy breeze caress my supple skin. As you know, many things can easily ignite my arousal, and lingering languidly on a warm spring afternoon is most certainly one of them.

I am lavishing there, with the warm rays of sunshine bronzing my smooth skin and the sweetly scented breeze gently rustling my hair. Almost glowing, you watch as I stretch slowly like a minx in front of the open window, my curves are accentuated with each sensual movement. You slide up behind me and trace your finger slowly down my neck, leaning in to place a soft kiss at the nape. With your hands on my shoulders you feel my body slightly shudder – you know exactly how sensitive I am there and the instant thrill your kiss would send tingling through my body.

I let out a small moan and attempt to turn and kiss you, but you strengthen your grip on my shoulders to keep me facing away. “No…” you whisper softly in my ear as the warm breeze turns into a gust. I relax my shoulders and give in to your slight demand – knowing that giving you the reigns always leads to a fulfilling reward. Your lips move lower, brushing again against the soft curve of my slinky neck and gingerly move downward as I feel your hands slide around to cup my warm sun-kissed breasts. You hold them firmly, lifting them ever so slightly to feel their weight and you let out a moan of your own. Slowly you slip one hand down, letting your fingers trace faintly over my flat tummy to the warm mound between my fleshy thighs. With knowing fingers you easily find my clit and begin outlining gentle circles, feeling it begin to plump with desire.

“Do you know what you do to me?” you ask, as you feel my heightened rousing and your tender patience begin to give way to yearning desire. Before the words have even left your lips, your fingers glide swiftly down and into my tightness. I answer you with a gasp, and feel you press your hard cock against me. I spread my legs in an unspoken command and you begin to finger me harder and deeper, while intensifying your grip on my breast. With your fingertips you start to instinctively roll my taut nipple in one hand while simultaneously fingering me and brushing your thumb against my clit. I want you so deeply inside me, but I’m unable to hold out any longer from the rhythmic way you are working my body so completely. With your fingers inside me you begin to feel me quiver and cum before I can even utter a sound. I clench around you again and again, and you feel that distinct wave of wetness. Now it is you that can hold out no longer. Bending me over you press the head of your shaft between my sweet lady lips and enter me with determination.

I cry out at the initial penetration of your rock hard cock driving deep into me. Still in the throes of bliss, I nearly climax again as you begin to charge more rapidly. I grasp at the windowsill as you hold my hips firmly and thrust yourself again and again into my velvet depths. You bring a hand around again and begin rubbing my clit in perfect rhythm with your thrusts, and I feel you bend forward slightly, your hot breath against my back coming in quick gasps. “Ashlee…” you moan in a longing voice, but before you can finish your thought I tighten myself around you and you can’t take it another moment. Sinking deep into my now soaked pussy you feel that unmistakable surge come pouring forth as you begin to pump wave after wave of hot cum into me. Knowing you are filling me is all it takes for me to peak into another glorious orgasm. My body is now beginning to tremble from the pure ecstasy that only you can bring me to. Slowly, your balls empty completely into me, and our matched passion leaves a glistening trail of your cum and my sweet juices trickling down my thigh. As you delicately pull out, you can’t help but smile at the way it glistens in the spring sunshine…

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un•ri•valed- better than everyone or everything of the same type

I know that you enjoy the idea of being taunted and teased mercifully by a sexy, confident, intelligent woman like me. I also know that every man secretly craves a case of achy blue-balls. Anticipation is the ultimate form of foreplay. The pain is almost debilitating, but you endure the discomfort because you know that the greater the pain, the more glorious your explosion will be. I bet you have even jerked off (or fantasized at the very least) about having to beg and plead for permission to release the huge blast of cum that has your balls feeling like sand bags.

I love toying with you through tease and denial. Can you imagine a more perfect way to experience being edged than having my sultry voice in your ear as I bring you closer and closer to eruption? Are you curious about having your cock and balls stimulated beyond the point of no return? I am an expert in the art of cock tease. However, in the end, I will always let you have what you want: a hot, sheet soaking orgasm.

I have found that enduring a bit of discomfort and pain heightens the excitement, the desire, and it builds and spills out past the boundaries of control. Once I finally release you from my grip and allow you to explode in my pussy, on my tummy, between my tits, or even in my tight little ass, it’s the most mind numbing experience you’ll ever have.

I have been teasing and pleasing men since I was a preteen, and I know how to hold your cock and balls captive with just one tool. My voice, it’s my secret weapon. I will take you outside your limits and back again, better and faster than any other woman you will ever have the pleasure of touching.

I have the hottest and most sensual voice of any female you will ever hear. I invite (and dare) you to find out why No Man Calls Only Once. My tits are beautiful, but my voice is unrivaled. End of story.

Pick up the phone and hear for yourself.

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Staking a Claim on Your Cock

I will stake a claim on your cock!You are tired from another long day and you’re ready to be aroused and relaxed. However, you are also tired of the utteral dread that comes over you with the mere thought of having to initiate things with your significant other. Who at best, may eventually give in and bore you with the same old mundane sexual encounter. So, you pull out your cock with one hand and begin your quest for perfection on the internet with the other. You’ve clicked on plenty of phone sex sites featuring hot girls, including yours truly.

After looking and reading for a while now; you find yourself back here, on my blog page. Obviously you like what you see but more importantly, you like what you have been reading too. You love the feeling that is coursing through your veins as every interdependent body part is awakened and now stirring. Your cock is rock hard and beginning to twitch with mad desire. You are intrigued and wondering how your cock is harder than it’s ever been before when you haven’t even heard my voice yet!

I know it’s hard to believe, but yes, my voice is every bit as tempting and delicious as my body. And I’m ready to use them both to seep inside your mind (by way of your cock). I am gifted with many erotic and tantalizing attributes and I utilize them well. I use my smile to entice you. I use my tits to lure you in further, thus yielding power over you (and every man in my path.) I then pull a double whammy on you by using my mind and my voice to hold you captive until I get what I want. I assure you that what you and I want is one in the same.

I will feed your need and you will gladly feed mine. Your insatiable desire will bring you back to me again and again. There is no going back with me; each time you will be amazed at how fucking good I make you feel. You will be a willing participant as I stake a claim on your cock and become your only desire.

Call me babe. It’s time to cum.

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