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A Tale of Two Titties

As you can imagine, I get asked about my breasts on a regular basis. Whether they admit it or not, it’s probably the first thing most people notice about me, regardless of their being male or female. The funny thing is that other women are definitely the most curious. Even in public, they often can’t contain themselves from abruptly asking “Are your boobs real?” I can’t help but retort with a quip of the NOYFB variety such as “Define real?” or “If by real you mean really fabulous, then that’s rather obvious, isn’t it?”

It doesn’t really bother me when women simply ask about them, it’s the jealousy that I can see written all over their faces and inflected in their body language as they attempt to procure my attention in hopes of having a full on conversation about them that grows a bit tiresome for me. Women can be so petty and needy, it’s ridiculous. I admit that I take pride in their feelings of inferiority when they are near me. What woman wouldn’t feel a bit insignificant when put up against a divine beauty of my magnitude?  Oddly, I pity them a bit too, it must be quite a slap in the face witnessing firsthand that I have so much more to offer the opposite sex than they do.

I have always preferred the company of men. Men are so much more straightforward and genuine. They never hesitate to show their attraction or appreciation. I consider displaying my tits the very least I can do for the men of the world. Besides, It arouses me to no end knowing that my girls are capable of making cocks everywhere rise up and solute them!

Most men could care less if they are real or not. Being able to suck on them, reaching up to squeeze them while I’m riding their cock, or simply being able to see them bounce when I’m wearing a tight top – that’s real enough for them.

So in the end, does it even really matter if they were “enhanced” or not? Would that make them any less beautiful or commanding?

Just look at my gorgeous tits and I’m sure you will cum to your own conclusions.

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Skinny Dipping in the Land of Enchantment

Lately, the temperature has really been going up and I can’t help but think back to my recent trip to New Mexico. I was invited by my bestie, Susan, who I’ve known since high school, to come visit her in her new home where she lives with her husband Tom. I hadn’t been to New Mexico in years and I was really excited to spend some time with Susan. She is always so much fun and boy, the stories I could tell about the trouble we used to get into! That was years ago though and all we had planned for this visit was to have a good time together catching up and sharing some laughs over a few cold drinks.

Susan and Tom’s home was absolutely beautiful. Nestled in the hills, it had a sprawling patio and pool area with an amazing view. Most of the patio was shaded and the large ceiling fan did a great job of creating a welcoming breeze. We spent a lot of time that first evening sitting out there, recanting memories and enjoying a bottle (or three) of wine. Susan was just as vivacious as I remembered her and as the wine flowed, we fell easily back into our old flirty banter and girlish giggles.

The next day she and Tom both had to work, so I spent the morning leisurely curled up with a good book in a chaise lounge on the patio. As the afternoon approached and the sun began to beat down around me, I found myself eyeing the pool more and more. Susan hadn’t mentioned that they had a pool, so I hadn’t thought to bring a swimsuit with me. I pondered borrowing one of her suits (I knew she wouldn’t mind), but in the end, her bikini tops proved to be a tad too small. So I decided to take advantage of the fact that I was on vacation and in a very private backyard. Besides, I always avoid tan lines whenever I can. Then I threw caution to the wind and decided to go skinny dipping!

I still remember how incredible the water felt as I dove in completely nude. The sensual feeling of the cool water rushing against every inch of my hot thirsty body gave me goose bumps. It felt absolutely divine and so I lingered there in the pool, floating on my back and feeling the hot summer sun on my breasts. Eventually, I decided to get out and fix some lunch and make myself more presentable for when Susan and Tom got home from work.

As I was climbing out of the pool and enjoying the feeling of the water slowly dripping off of me, I was startled by a loud splash behind me. It was Susan and Tom! They both had arranged to leave work early and happened to catch me in the throes of my sensual little swim. The shock of seeing them both home so early was quickly replaced by the shock of realizing that they too, had jumped in completely naked, leaving their clothes scattered along the patio at the other end of the pool.

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. That was so like Susan – but Tom? I have to admit that surprised me a bit! He was always a bit quieter, but I had always suspected something more lurked behind his subtle charm and capricious demeanor. I smiled at their antics as I slinked back into the water and made my way towards them. Susan laughed with me and then said with a sly grin, “You didn’t think we’d let you get away with skinny dipping alone, did you?”

As we all laughed about their little surprise, I couldn’t help but notice Tom’s body so close to mine. I knew he was fit, but I was stunned to see exactly how toned he really was when he was in the buff. Instinctively, my eyes wandered down his chest and flat stomach to what could only be described as a rock hard erection. I quickly averted my eyes, not wanting to risk offending them and found that Tom was eyeing me just as intently as I had him. Susan slid up next to me in the water and asked, “Do you like what you see? I know Tom definitely does.” She then slid her arms around me and gracefully cupped my breasts.

I admitted that yes, I did in fact, like what I saw and she began to giggle. “I so hoped you would she purred.” She now began slowly kissing my neck as Tom watched and told me how he had wanted me from the first moment we met. Susan knew this and said that she couldn’t think of a better time to share him with me. I was momentarily speechless. Susan and I had always shared everything, but I never imagined we’d be sharing Tom!

Slowly Tom made his way towards me, gently stroking his cock as he watched Susan and I touching each other. Then he carefully lifted my legs around him as Susan held onto me from behind, still gingerly running her fingertips over my erect nipples. He pushed his steel rod against me and at first; I feared he may be too big. But with a gentle thrust, he slid it deep inside of me and I gasped. Arching my back, I threw my head back onto Susan’s shoulder as I felt the enormity of his cock inside me. My glances through the water did not do justice to the heft and girth of his size.

I turned my head and began slowly making out with Susan as Tom placed his hands firmly on my ass and began fucking me hard while I was in the arms of his wife. I felt her tongue playfully dancing against mine as we kissed more deeply and her hands began to tighten their grip on my breasts. I could tell that she was just as turned on as I was and I slid my hand down behind me to find her clit and started rubbing it in sync with Tom’s thrusts. She moaned with her lips against mine and that was all it took for Tom to lose control completely. With a few more powerful thrusts, he came hard inside me and I let myself go into euphoria with him – taking Susan along with me for the ride.

Afterwards, we all stayed there for a moment, breathless and in awe of what had just occurred. After a moment, Susan looked at me and we both burst out laughing, “Ready for round two she asked?”

That was my Susan, always up for anything and apparently so was Tom. None of us got much sleep during my visit, but by the time we parted, we were all most definitely satisfied. It’s no wonder they call New Mexico the Land of Enchantment!

Call me, I promise to leave you enchanted too.

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Tempted By the Fruit of Another

As much as I love that you think of me when you cum, I know I’m not the only one that is capable of making you cum. Somewhere there’s another girl, one you’ve likely never told anyone about. She is a special girl that never ceases to stir up a response when she does cross your mind. She might be the babysitter that sends a thrill of excitement down your spine when she shows up to watch the kids for your “date night” with the wife, or the cheerleader next door that’s always practicing in her skimpy little skirt in her backyard. Is it your son’s girlfriend that he’s always bringing around in her short shorts and crop tops? Your wife’s younger, firmer sister that makes your cock hard every time she brushes up against you?

Or maybe it’s your wife herself, but the version of her you knew years ago when she was still tight and eager. Perhaps your secret fantasy girl is locked away in your mind because she falls into the “can’t happen zone?” Someone from an earlier time that is still so vivid in your thoughts you could almost touch her. Was she your high school sweetheart or the popular girl that was totally out of your league? Her pretty little details etched so well in your memory from countless nights of fantasizing. When you see me wearing ponytails does it take you back to thoughts of her? I’m ok with reminding you of someone else; in fact, I hope I do.

Whoever she is, you don’t have to hide her from me. Not only will I not judge you for your youthful fantasies, I can help you bring them more to life than ever before. I love role-playing, and I’m very good at it. What happens between us stays between us. Doing a phone sex call with yours truly allows you to have your cake and it too! I can be your secret fuck crush and nobody but you and I need to know who I’m representing or how horny she really makes you. You can have your way with her vicariously through me and never have to feel guilty about it.

Give me a call and tell me about her babe. Let me bring her to life for you in a way you never thought possible.

It’s okay to be tempted by the fruit of another.

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